Here at Contact Auto Technical Services Ltd. we believe that hard work and dedication builds long lasting success. We also believe that continuous improvement and life-long learning is a key to staying at the top of your game, being able to innovate, to provide best service and to create superb quality products.

With all the technology we have now, everyday life has become so much easier. We can do our shopping from the comfort of our homes on the screen of a TV. We can control temperature at home while being away on holiday or see what is happening in the backyard while being abroad. And these are just a few examples.

The way people work has changed a lot too – from going paperless to telecommuting. The same is true for industrial environments. It does not matter where you look: pharmaceutical, aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, mining, food or any other industry; automation, robotics, smart technologies and artificial intelligence is replacing old and inefficient processes. Manufacturing has never been this easy or safe and it only gets better. Look at the logistics, warehouses can be automated to the point where all the labour is done by conveyors and robots leading to a safer environment, increased efficiency and reduced costs. Self-driving cars, goods delivered by drones, AI sorting out the paperwork you don’t want to do yourself – and that is just the beginning.

Are you ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution? Are you ready to optimise your processes, save costs and improve safety of your operation? Let us help you to find a solution to improve your operation by bringing in the newest technology and automation solutions. From design to installation. From hardware to software. We can do it all. We are a one-stop-shop for all your automation and system integration needs. It does not matter if all you need is a small modification of your old production line or you require a state-of-the-art turnkey solution for a new manufacturing facility you are building – we are here to help.