Services we provide

At Contact Auto Technical Services Ltd. we offer a wide range of services in the field of industrial automation, controls and system integration. From consulting to designing hardware solutions. From manufacturing hardware to developing software. From installation to commissioning and maintenance. We have worked across many industries and successfully delivered a large number of projects.

Industrial Automation

Whatever are you needs we can offer a solution when it comes to Industrial Automation and Process Control. From small modifications to the existing systems, to brand new state of an art turnkey solutions.

System Integration

Adding something to the existing system? Taking some parts of your old system out? Or maybe you want to avoid compatibility issues while using components of different makes in your system? We know all the aspects of networks, hardware and software and we are capable to take on a project of any size.

Software and Hardware

We design all the hardware and software in-house which enables us to rapidly react to any changes in a project. Our designers and programmers are up-to-date both with industry standards and newest technology. Junction box, con-trol panel, or a SCADA system – we can do it all. And unlike the most of the industry – we give the code to our clients.

Control Panels

We design, manufacture, test, install and commission control panels, from 800 millimetres control consoles to full suites up to 10 metres or more. We are also specialists in upgrading existing panels with new control equipment.


Our track record in proving automation and industrial control solutions for the Petrochemical industry is a long one. We designed and installed a number of projects of different complexity. We also offer maintenance, testing and inspection services. We are NICEIC approved contractor for hazardous areas (ATEX/DSEAR).

Robotic Controls

The demand for industrial robots is constantly growing. Our company had the chance to work with all of the biggest manufacturers of robotic equipment, so we do have an extensive expertise in this field. We offer the electrical installation of the industrial robots, robot integration and robot control software.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor control and automation is important in many industries. From design, to installation, to commissioning and maintenance – we can do it all. We have a great deal of experience when it comes to motor speed control, it does not matter AC or DC.

Paint Application

We have successfully designed and implemented multiple state of and art Paint Application control systems, mainly for the automotive industry. We have engineers who has in-depth knowledge of paint application process, which enables us to offer best suitable solutions for each client.

Part Tracking

We have successfully designed & installed a number of Part Tracking Systems for various industries. We can help with modification and maintenance of the Part Tracking Systems and their integration into DCS or SCADA.


We have worked with a number of clients in the Aerospace Industry designing and implementing automation and control solutions for a variety of applications. Controls for robotic cells and conveyor systems or software updates for an existing PLCs would be just a couple of examples.

Pump Handling

We have designed and installed Pump Control Systems for water treatment plants and coagulation facilities.

PLC Upgrades

We can replace your old Programmable Logic Controllers with the new ones. From design and programming, to rewiring and testing. We will integrate your new PLCs into your control system and make sure it is as efficient as possible. We can also upgrade your HMIs.